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Still the best way to record "long form" video at the best quality, the camcorder will be with us for many years to come. Whether it is a family event, sports footage, or a recital, the camcorder allows you to capture longer pieces of video at higher quality than digital cameras and some of the newer video devices
Digital tape like MiniDV captures video at a quality level 10 times as high as DVD recordings and most DV capture devices such as digital cameras. This quality ensures the most beneficial digital encoding of your video.

While tape is a far superior media for capturing high quality video, it has problems, as well.  Since tapes are magnetic, they are prone to demagnetization and actually begin degrading virtually as soon as you shoot on them.

To get video from your camcorder to your stashBox, you will need to have a firewire output on your camera and a firewire input on your computer. If you do not have a firewire input on your computer, you can get a firewire card fairly inexpensively. These cards are easy to install and come as PCMCIA  for laptops and as PCI for desktops.

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