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Your Wedding Video Preserved on DVD

Today's standard delivery for your wedding video is on DVD.  This new digital video format offers superior quality, convenience and video preservation... but unfortunately, all DVDs are not created equal.


Many consumer and professional DVD software applications use low-end software based DVD encoders to create the DVD video, resulting in a low-quality DVD.  This usually is noticeable in lackluster color and loss of fine detail on your Wedding DVD. Many professional Wedding Videographers might also use set-top DVD burners to deliver "straight burns" or "archive copies" for ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness, but many of these systems introduce DVD compatibility issues and deliver a poor aesthetic for what should be a priceless keepsake of your wedding video for your family.


DVD Features for your Wedding Video

Here's what you should look for in a DVD for your professional wedding video:

Graphical, Hollywood-style Interactive DVD Menu

What will happen when you put your Wedding Video DVD into the DVD player? Will you get a Hollywood-style menu with images from your wedding, a custom title and a nice wedding-style theme? Or will you get a blue screen with chapter titles (produced by many set-top burners), or worse yet, will the DVD just start playing automatically with no menu at all? Make sure your Videographer offers a custom menu for your Wedding Video DVD.


DVD Chapter Selections with Scene Thumbnails & Titles

A Wedding Video DVD should offer a custom chapter selection menu with thumbnail images so you can cut right to the chase and watch the cake cutting, garter toss, or interview sections right from the Menu system.


DVD Extras like SnapShots

Special features like DVD SnapShots give you another way to enjoy the special moments of your Wedding. SnapShots allow your videographer to grab pictures from video -- moments that might otherwise go by in just a few seconds. Be sure to ask if your SnapShots can be delivered as .jpg images or prints.


Name-Brand DVD Manufacturer

Amazingly enough, many Wedding Videographers will skimp on the DVD they use in order to save $.30 to $.50 per DVD. 5 years ago, blank DVDs were $30-45 per DVD, but now they can range from as little as $.30 to $1.50. Be sure to ask for a disk from a name-brand manufacturer with a history in DVD. At StashSpace, we use and recommend Mitsui DVD Media or Verbatim DVD Media.

Why does this matter? There are two primary reasons: 1) The quality of the video on the DVD only matters if the physical DVD lasts. Cheap DVDs are, well, made cheaply. The manufacturing process and resulting physical quality of the DVD is not as high, which can result in DVD delamination -- Your wedding memories are gone! 2) It has been our experience that higher-quality DVD media has a better DVD compatibility profile, making it more likely that your DVD will actually play in your DVD player!


Professional DVD Packaging

As they say, presentation is everything. Make sure your DVD comes protected in a Amaray-style case (like the ones from the DVD rental store), and includes a customized Case Insert. Ideally, the case insert will include images from your video, a Movie title, all of your chapter titles and carry over the same visual look and feel as your DVD menu itself.


Can your Share the Video online?

Be sure to ask for full-featured replication of your Wedding Video DVD online for you to share your video with Family & Friends who would like to relive your special day. Use stashSpace to share video as a thank-you for all who came, or as a bonus for those that were unable to attend your wedding. Using Industry-standard streaming video, it is as easy to use as your Wedding Video DVD!



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