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Wedding Video

Wedding Video on DVD

Today's standard delivery for your wedding video is on DVD.  This new digital video format offers superior quality, convenience and video preservation... but unfortunately, all DVDs are not created equal. Many consumer and professional DVD software applications use low-end software based DVD encoders to create the DVD video, resulting in a low-quality DVD.  This usually is noticeable in lackluster color and loss of fine detail on your Wedding DVD.
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Why Have Wedding Video

Your wedding day will be a blur to you and your parents. You plan the many details for months, if not years, but your wedding day goes by so fast that you will miss a large part of it. A wedding video is like a "time machine". It lets you relive your wedding day as often as you like, anytime you like.
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Why Use a Wedding Videographer

Some couples use a friend or family member to videotape their wedding day.  Would you have a friend or family member take all of your wedding photographs?  Probably not.  You don't want to have a friend or relative running out of tape or batteries, not shooting important activities, and taking shaky or bad footage.  And chances are, you will end up with a very uninteresting video that fails to capture the best moments of your wedding, and it will sit unwatched for years to come.
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How to Choose a Wedding Videographer

The events of your wedding will flash by: your first kiss as husband and wife; laughter and tears of joy; family and friends toasting and dancing. Don't let these moments disappear forever -- with a professional wedding videographer, your wedding video can be preserve your special day for you and generations to come. Read on for our top tips on how to find the videographer that will suit your personality, your needs, and your style.
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Questions for Your Wedding Videographer

Here are some the basic questions that you need to ask when you are selecting your professional wedding videographer.
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Wedding Video Budget

You've invested lots of time into finding the right wedding videographer for your wedding. Now, the issue is deciding what moments you want to make sure make it onto the final product.  A wedding video is your opportunity to capture and preserve your wedding day forever -- from all the wonderful moments you'll witness, to the moments you might not otherwise see. In many ways, a wedding video is priceless; but in reality, they can cost anywhere from $500 to $15,000. Couples generally allocate 10-15% of their wedding budget to wedding videography, but it's important to understand which factors shape the cost in order to choose the technology, people, and style that's right for you.
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Wedding Video Styles

There are many different styles that a Professional Wedding Videographer may use to deliver your final edited wedding video.  If you aren't sure what video style you want, take a few minutes to research. Styles are diverse, including traditional, video journalism, the short form, and cinematic styles. You'll probably know the right style when you see it... your wedding video should fit your personality like a glove!
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Wedding Videographer Contract

Youíve had a great meeting, reviewed online streaming video, found the right program for your wedding video budget, and heard glowing references from other couples--in other words, you were able to find your wedding videographer. Now itís time to sign on the dotted line. But before you do, be sure these essential points are included in your wedding video contract.
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Share Your Wedding Video Online

Your wedding is over.  You're exhausted from your first week back after your honeymoon.  Your wedding day already feels like a long-ago memory.  Here are some quick ways you can share video from your special day.
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Share Your Wedding Video on Video iPod

Do your want to share video of your wedding as soon as you get back from your honeymoon?  How about after you've added your honeymoon footage to your wedding video?  A wedding video these days is no longer just a video keepsake of your wedding.  These days, your can broadcast and share your wedding video online, or let your friends and family download video of your wedding to their Video iPod. It's a whole new technology for you to take your special wedding video memories with you.
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Must-have Wedding Video Shots

You've invested lots of time into finding the right videographer for your wedding. Or maybe a professional wedding video is not in your budget, and you will handle your wedding video production yourself.
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Find a Wedding Videographer

Browse our 50-state listing for Partner Videographers.
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Do-It-Yourself Wedding Video Production

So hiring a pro isn't in the budget. Times are a little tougher than you thought they would be at this point in your life, but your wedding will be magic, just the same. The problem is, you're only getting married once. Your life is a movie and this is the opening scene. You had better make certain these precious moments are still preserved on videotape. If you can't have a professional wedding videographer at your wedding, you MUST plan an alternative and handle your wedding video production yourself.
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