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Interactive DVD-Style Menus

Familiar DVD-Style Menus let you quickly scan through your movies to watch your movies just as you would a Hollywood-Style DVD! With up to 56 scenes
per movie, you don't have to suffer endlessly just to watch the good stuff -- just jump from scene to scene and watch what you want to watch!

Video Sharing, Editing, Recording and Design Controls at your Fingertips.

What do you want to do today?  StashBox makes all the latest Video Sharing features available to you, right at your fingertips!


Record video directly from your digital camcorder to add it to your account... Import digital video files from your digital camera or computer and add them to your stash... Create scenes for your latest video, or mix existing scenes together to create a new movie for the next family gathering... Setup friends and family in your account to share movies with them... Search your video library for your best video clips...  It's up to you!




All of your movies in one location

Did you just record video from your camcorder? Download the latest video clips from your digital camera?  Create a custom movie from your favorite scenes from this past year?   They are all available in your movies list for quick viewing.

Personalize your Movie

Now you can personalize a welcome message for your friends and family, and see their responses as they leave comments on each of the movies that you share.  It's a great way for a group of friends to all add their experience to yours!

DVD Compatibility Guarantee