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Hi8, 8mm and Digital 8 Video to DVD Transfer

Hi8 to DVD Transfer

Get DVDs right away with our direct Hi8 to DVD transfer service.

Transfer Hi8 Videos to DVD!

Digitally convert your Hi8, 8mm, Digital 8 and other Video8 videotapes and bring your video memories back to life with MemoryHub.com.

  • High Quality Hi8 Transfer
  • Affordable pricing
  • We ship back your original Hi-8 tapes
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    Select a Hi8 video to DVD transfer option:

    Option 1: Direct Video8 to DVD Transfer

    Send in Hi8 Tapes
    8mm Hi8 Digital8
    VHS VHS-C MiniDV
    Video Transfer to DVD
    Your Hi8 Videos on DVD
    One DVD per 8mm videotape
    only $8.99 per DVD
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