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Our DVD Guarantee

The personal pledge we made when we started converting videos to DVDs still stands today - If you are not satisfied with the DVDs we produce, please return them within 30 days for replacement DVDs or a credit for the full DVD product cost.


The issues around DVD compatibility are many and, at times, confusing.  DVD players that are able to play Hollywood movies may sometimes not play DVDs that you burn on your computer or receive from a Video Transfer Service such as stashSpace.


This is because of a core difference between the discs - Hollywood movies are manufactured into a DVD (where the DVD is all one piece - also known as "Replicated DVDs"), whereas DVD-R media or DVD+R media that you create on a computer actually has the movie information physically burned by a laser onto a pre-manufactured disc. We use DVD-R media for all of our transfers, as we have found it to have the widest compatibility-profile with today's set-top DVD players.


Itís the DVD player thatís incompatible, not your DVD.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the DVD you receive from stashSpace is 100% DVD compliant as specified by the DVD Consortium -- a group comprised of the ten companies who originated the DVD format. We only produce high-quality, state-of-the-art products.


Will my DVD play on my DVD player?

The easy answer is that over 95% of the DVD players on the market today will play your DVD. These players are usually produced by the major manufacturers and are 100% DVD compliant. So what about the other 5%? Well, some DVD manufacturers, in a rush to get their products to market, build their machines to work on most discs, realizing that some DVD features may not work. Many of these machines have problems playing certain Hollywood titles as well as DVD-R Media.


Check out our DVD Player Compatibility List to see DVD Players that are know to be compatible or incompatible with DVD-R Media.


What if my DVD does not play in my DVD player?

Well, most likely the DVD you received from stashSpace contains treasured home movie memories that you will enjoy for a lifetime. Since a DVD is designed to last 100 years, it is certain that you will be enjoying your DVD for much longer than your current DVD player will last.  DVD is the first media that truly gives you the opportunity to preserve your memories for many generations. 


If you purchased an incompatible DVD player, here are some possible solutions:

  • Return your DVD player. 
    If you bought your DVD player recently, you may be able to return it for a new, compatible DVD player.  One of our customers had just purchased a DVD player and found that it wasnít compatible (but it was cheap) and was able to return it for a Toshiba player for only a few dollars more that was recently rated a best buy.
  • Buy a new DVD player. 
    Although this seems like a bit of a drastic solution, with the cost of a good, compatible player as little as $60-80, many people simply get a new player.  They may keep the other player for another room in the house or give it to a family member as a gift.
  • Return your DVD to stashSpace for a complete refund.
    StashSpace offers a full Money Back Guarantee if your DVD is not compatible with your DVD player.  Simply return your DVDs to us within 30 days of receipt, and we will refund your money or provide you with a compatible DVD player.  To date, while a few customers have had DVD players that were not compatible, we have yet to have a customer take advantage of this guarantee.  We recommend you verify your player's DVD compatibility before placing large quantity orders. StashSpace reserves the right to limit the amount of our "Compatibility Money Back Guarantee" refund to the original production copy, not including additional DVD copies.


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DVD Compatibility Guarantee


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