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Video Transfer

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Video Transfer

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VHS to DVD ConversionTransfer Video to DVD

We want to make your video transfer process as easy as possible. Most of our visitors have more than 30 hours of videotape formats collecting dust on the shelf, including VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, 8mm, Digital8, MiniDV, Betamax and others! Unfortunately, this video footage is deteriorating, may already be showing the signs of age and should be transferred to DVD. Luckily you have discovered StashSpace, and you can use our video transfer services to preserve your video memories of your friends and loved ones for the future.

You Capture the Video, Let Us Transfer your Video to DVD.

Video to DVD Transfers can be a lot of work, often requiring high-powered computer hardware, lots of storage space, and time.  Creating and burning video to DVDs requires you to learn new DVD Authoring software and deal with the many issues around burning DVDs.  The process isn't quick or easy.  This is where we can help.


By choosing StashSpace to handle your video transfer, you can save yourself the time and headache of doing it yourself.  Within 10 to 15 business days after we receive your tapes, we will have your videos transferred to DVD and on their way back to you to enjoy watching and sharing with friends and family. 


Transfer your Video in two ways

With, you can order any of your video tapes on DVD or Hard Drives for enjoyment, preservation, storage, and safekeeping. 

Basic DVDs - Copy your Video to DVD
For those of you who want to just copy your video to DVD, we offer a straight and simple Archive DVD with every video conversion.  We give you an exact copy of your videotape on DVD, complete with evenly spaced DVD chapters and a DVD Scene Selection Menu. Each DVD can hold up to two hours of video. We also do not copy protect our DVDs in any fashion, so you are free to make extra copies for backup or to share with family and friends.


Transfer videos to Digital Files

If you want to have your videos digitized to high quality digital files to edit on your computer, please contact us at (510) 342.9140 to discuss your options. We are able to convert your videos to a variety of digital file formats, including uncompressed .AVI, QT ProRes .MOV, H.264 .MOV, and MPEG2 videos. Orders are placed over the phone to ensure proper video file format delivery as well as to coordinate shipment of an appropriately sized Hard Drive.

Most Video Tape Formats Transferred

We convert most consumer and professional videotape formats, and offer our video transfer as low as $8.99 per tape to get your videotape digitized.  With our Video Transfer services, you can convert VHS, convert VHS-C, convert S-VHS, convert 8mm video, convert Video8, convert Hi 8, convert MiniDV, convert DVCam, convert DVD, convert miniDVD, convert MicroMV, and convert Betamax videotape formats. 


A Trusted Video to DVD Transfer Service for your Home Videos

StashSpace is one of the premier video transfer and preservation services in the country.  Since 2001, has transferred tens of thousands of hours of professional and home movies for consumers and professional videographers across the country.  We always provide the highest level of care for your Videotapes, and we believe keeping video memories alive for years to come is of utmost importance.  For over 10 years we have been preserving video memories for future generations.   Rest assured your family video memories are safe with StashSpace.


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