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Video Storage

Backup and preserve all your videos online with StashSpace.Com's premium video storage service.  Gather up videos and upload to your online 'stash' space today or send us videotapes and film to be transferred to digital and added to your account.  StashSpace video storage accounts are unlimited, so backup your entire family home video video storage

Easily backup video from:

  • Video Files
  • Camcorders
  • Film Reels
  • Videotapes
  • Cell Phones
  • Flip Video Cameras
  • Digital Cameras

How to add video to your online video storage account

Upload video from your computer or send in videotapes and film to be converted to digital and added to your online video storage account, aka your "stash" space. 

Upload Video for Online Backup

Create an account to install the free stashBox video editor and start uploading videos to your online 'stash' today.  Use the stashBox to organize all of your videos into movies.  Each clip of video is considered a scene, and you can have up to 56 scenes on a movie.  Edit as much, or as little, as you like; then upload, aka "stash", your movie to your online video storage account by clicking the 'stash' button.


When you click the 'stash' button your movie is uploaded scene
by scene to your own personal online video storage account.  Follow
your movie's progress along the way or grab a cup of coffee as your
high resolution video file is uploaded.  Your files will remain backed
up on a secure StashSpace server for the life of your account allowing you to order DVDs at any time and sleep better at night knowing your family home video memories are protected.

Send in Videotapes and Film to be transferred to digital and added to your online storage account

video tape storageBring your videotape and film memories back to life!  At StashSpace we can transfer your family home video memories into everlasting crystal clear digital video.  Just place a video transfer or film transfer order and mail your videotapes and film to StashSpace to be digitally re-mastered and added to your online video storage account.  


film storageOnce your video has been transferred to digital you can use our free online video editing software, StashBox, to watch, edit, and share your video online.  For more details on the video transfer process check out our videotape transfer and film transfer pages.

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