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Video Sharing

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Share Video on Your Blog or MySpace with a stashFeed


We make sharing videos on your MySpace profile easy!  Just setup a stashFeed in your stashBox, insert your Feed's video code into your website or MySpace profile, and you're done!


Your Feed will update automatically each time you share or remove one of your movies in your Feed!  No more cutting & pasting for each video.



Easy One-Time Video Setup

An easy one-time insertion of your StashFeed video code will keep your MySpace profile updated each time you create and publish a movie. It's the easy way to auto-publish and share videos on MySpace to keep your friends updated on the latest goings-on in your life.

Watch All Your Shared Video

When someone clicks through your Feed, they will automatically be taken to the appropriate movie to watch.  But once they are done, they can watch any of the other videos that you have published to your Feed as well!


Watch Online or on DVD

As with all video sharing through stashSpace, your visitors can watch your video online or order a DVD.


How to Insert StashFeed Video Codes on MySpace


1. Create your StashFeed

Create a StashFeed in your StashBox to start sharing your videos and home movies directly from your MySpace profile.


2. Share Videos with your Feed

Choose the movie or movies you would like to share publicly on your Feed to get started.  Your most recent 10 shared movies will show in your Feed at any one time.


3. Copy FeedCode to MySpace

This is just a one-time event here.  Take the html video code generated by your StashBox and paste it into one of the MySpace Profile Boxes and you're done!


4. Share more Videos with your StashFeed

As you create new movies and upload video to your stash, sharing your movies with your Feed is literally a one-click-to-share process!  Your Feed will update automatically on MySpace as you share or remove movies, with no additional video codes needed!


DVD Compatibility Guarantee


VHS to DVD Conversion | StashSpace

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