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Private Video Sharing and Private Photo Sharing

Sharing videos and photos in private is easy with StashSpace.  You have complete control over who you share your videos and photos with.  By default sharing is private, and your share will only go out to the friends you have selected.  In addition we reserve no rights to your video and do only what you tell us to do with it.

How to share photos and video in private?

Any video or photo can quickly and easily be shared in private.  Once you have imported video into the free stashBox video editor all you have to do is add checkmarks next to the people in the share list that you want to share with and click 'share'.  If your movie of photo album contains video or photos that have not yet been uploaded to our server they will be uploaded at this time.  Once your videos are uploaded they are available for online viewing right away.  All recipients on your share list will receive a special e-mail invitation to access only the video and pictures you have shared with them.

It's easy to add a new  friend to your share list.  Just click 'new'
located in the upper right of your people list and enter your
friend's name and e-mail.

e-mail video


Share e-mail

When you share video or photos each recipient on your share list will receive an e-mail from you containing a unique link to your movie or photo album.   Any messages you have added to your videos or photos will also be included in the share e-mail. 

There is no signup or install required for your recipients to view your share.  They just click on the link and the stashBox share player opens in their internet browser.  The shared movie or photo album will be active and any other movies or photo albums shared with that particular person will also be accessible through the share player.

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