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share cell phone video

These days, many mobile phones are able to capture video with decent quality. With stashSpace, you can share those special videos trapped on your cell phone!  Upload cell phone video directly to your account: either send your videos directly from your phone via e-mail, or import them from your computer as you would any other type of video file.


How to Share Cell Phone Video:

  1. Register your mobile number with your account on the My Account page, click 'Account Info' to setup your number.
  2. E-mail video from your phone to
  3. Add your Cell phone videos to any movieand share it! In stashBox, click on "Add Scenes" and then select click on 'mobile'  to see a list of the clips sent from your cell phone.  Select a clip to add it to the your movie.

Import Cell Phone Video with StashBox

If your cell phone or mobile provider has limits on the size of video file you can upload through your mobile phone, you can "Side-load" the video file(s) directly through your computer. StashBox supports many video file formats, including the .3gp and .3g2 video file format that most cell phones use.


There are two ways you can import mobile video through your computer:

  1. Import Mobile Video from your Memory Card
    Many mobile devices have a removable memory card that you can insert into your computer giving you the option to add the video file directly into stashBox.
  2. Import Mobile Video by tethering your phone

    If you are able to connect your computer to the Internet through your cell phone, you have a tethering cable which enables you to copy files to and from your mobile phone.  Simply copy your cell phone video onto your computer, and import the mobile video file into stashBox as you would any other video on your computer.

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