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iPod Video Sharing


Share Your Home Movies on Your Video iPod

We make it easy to convert your video for iPod -- just drag and drop your movie scenes in stashBox to your virtual iPod window and the video will convert to iPod MPEG-4 files.  You can watch your movie scenes and share your video directly on your iPod, anywhere you go. Send your movies to family and friends or share them online for others to  watch.


The iPod Video Revolution

Watch your home movies on iPod when you want to, where you want to. Now you won't be limited into watching just what they sell on the iTunes store, you can load hours of edited video of your home movies to take with you to your next Family gathering.


Easily Convert to Video iPod

With stashBox, you don't need to learn about codecs, bitrates or anything else to convert video for iPod. Your videos in your local stash will be available for Video iPod conversion through stashBox!



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