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New Video Storage and Video Sharing Service Keeps Your Digital Media Organized and Safe

September 14, 2005

With summer quickly becoming a lingering memory, many families are faced with the decision of how to preserve and share video they collected over their break.  If you are looking for an online service to easily record, edit, preserve and share your videos,  itís hard to find one that does exactly what you want. For customer Terry Ostrowiak, StashSpace.Com did the trick.

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StashSpace Streams Home Movies for Families of Troops Overseas

February 23, 2005

Staying in touch with friends and family is a constant struggle for soldiers, especially those stationed on the battlefield in hotspots like Iraq and Afghanistan. While long-distance phone cards are standard issue, local long-distance providers often charge exorbitant connection fees, making phone calls to the U.S. prohibitively expensive. But even when phone calls are priced more reasonable, audio-only communication only goes so far in keeping families in touch, especially when there are children involved.


StashSpace Promotes Professional Wedding and Event Videography through the

September 22, 2004

StashSpace announced a new advertising and promotion agreement with, the #1 wedding website, which is designed to promote StashSpace wedding videographers and the value of professional videography to the 2.4 million couples who get married each year. Launching November 1, 2004, this agreement includes the development of new content and targeted emails designed to educate brides and grooms about the process and importance of selecting a professional videographer. Additionally, StashSpace's videographers will be promoted in's popular local videographer vendor directory.


StashSpace Streams Interactive Online DVDs For Free

February 13, 2004
HomeMovie.Com has launched its StreamingDVD technology, announcing that every DVD produced for its professional customers will be streamed online in an interactive menu-based format for 30 days at no charge. The companyís first implementation of its StreamingDVD technology will be streaming all wedding and event productions for their professional videographer customers through a specially set-up website located at

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HomeMovie.Com Acquires Moore Digital Wedding & Event Videography

March 28, 2003
StashSpace today announced the acquisition of Moore Digital's Wedding and Event Videography Business Unit. StashSpace will immediately begin producing Moore's popular Economy and Deluxe DVDs, along with its own suite of products, including the Resellers' $25 BasicPlus DVD and $35 Director's DVD.

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Director's DVD Authoring Features come to BasicPlus DVDs

January 12, 2003

Why do straight DVD burns anymore? A no-cost optional upgrade, our new BasicPlus DVD allows you to personalize your Basic DVDs with a DVD title, chapter titles, and up to 30 chapters selected from 120 evenly-spaced intervals throughout your DVD movie!


StashSpace Launches New Order Tracking Functionality

January 9, 2003

As part of its beginning of year new products and services launch, StashSpace today launched its new Professional Zone website for its Resellers and Video Professional Partners. Central to the re-launch is the beginnings of a "My Account" functionality that allows StashSpace customers to see line-item detail for each of their orders, including where the movie is in the production process and tracking capabilities through UPS.


HomeMovie.Com Turns Spruce DVDVirtuoso into First Internet Video-to-DVD Transfer Service for Consumers

July 12, 2000

HomeMovie.Com has built a powerful web-based interface for the DVDVirtuoso authoring system from Spruce Technologies Inc. that provides consumers and professional videographers with the world's first affordable Video-to-DVD transfer service bureau.

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