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New Video Storage and Video Sharing Service Keeps Your Digital Media Organized and Safe


September 14, 2006 (Winthrop, WA) - With summer quickly becoming a lingering memory, many families are faced with the decision of how to preserve and share video they collected over their break.  If you are looking for an online service to easily record, edit, preserve and share your videos,  it’s hard to find one that does exactly what you want. For customer Terry Ostrowiak, StashSpace.Com did the trick.


"I didn’t want my family and friends having to wade through 8 hours of video and watch scenes that had no interest to them," Terry says. "When I discovered StashSpace.Com I knew immediately I had found the answer. I could quickly take the important clips from any of my videos and watch them individually or put them together into movies I wanted to share and keep safe."


Competing video sharing sites let you upload video to share in short bits with the world, but typically only allow short, low-quality clips that they require you to digitize through some means of your own.


“The vast majority of consumers are still recording video with camcorders, and this means having to find an easy way to get your high quality video online where it can be stored, shared, and easily accessed… what we call ‘Stashing’. With StashSpace, you build your own digital stash of video memories. You can easily capture all of your home videos directly from your digital camcorder, make movies with just your best stuff and share video online with family and friends, on MySpace, on DVD or transfer to Video iPod.”


Most importantly, videos in your Stash are also archived in high-quality format for a full year to guard against accidental loss due to house-fires, the inevitable hard-drive failure or other unexpected events.


Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened recently to Terry.  “I just had a technical problem with my computer and lost a lot of video and pictures,” he says, “but I still had all of my stuff on StashSpace.Com.”


His online Stash enabled Terry to share video with family friends he hadn’t seen in 20 years during a recent trip to Israel. “I showed them edited movies of themselves as children and video of our parents on an overseas trip,” he says. “They just watched in awe.”


You can use StashSpace’s web-based service for free to capture and edit your videos on your own computer.  When you are done creating movies, you load them into your Stash, where your videos are archived for a full year. You get a free two-hour Stash just for signing up and using StashSpace, and can then buy credits to extend this year or add more video to your Stash.  DVDs of your movies can be ordered for as little as $15.


So what are you waiting for?  Don’t let those tapes become faded and forgotten relics of summers past.  Stash them now with StashSpace.Com.

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