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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have additional questions beyond what is covered in our FAQs, or may simply feel more comfortable talking with one of our sales or customer service associates before sending us your videos.


Customer Service

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VHS to DVD Transfer Questions

  1. How much does it cost to convert one of my videotapes to DVD?

    We use a tiered pricing system.  Which means the more tapes in your order, the more you save!  Prices are as low as $7.95 for premium members and $12.95 for non premium members.  All video transfers include an archive DVD and your footage will be added to your online account to watch, edit, and share.  See the video transfer order page for more details.


  2. What video tape formats do you accept for transfer?

    We accept most consumer format videotapes, including VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, 8mm (tape), Hi-8 (tape), Digital 8, mini-DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, BetaMax, mini-DVD, regular DVD, and microMV.  We also accept Regular8 Film, Super8 film, and 16mm film (additional transfer costs apply).  If you have another video format, please contact us, as chances are we accept it as well.


  3. How long does it take for the videos I sent in to be posted online?

    All video transfers are done here in the USA at our headquarters in Winthrop Washington.  It takes less than two weeks from the time we receive your video tapes until the time they are transferred to DVD and available for online viewing, editing and sharing. 


  4. What is the quality of video like for online viewing? What about my DVD? Is my DVD going to look like what I see online?
    Delivering video over the Internet has it's limitations, for the optimal online viewing and editing experience we create a low resolution video stream from your original video.  This Internet optimized video stream is 350 Kb/s with a 480 x 360 frame size.

    DVDs will be of the best quality, and are created from your original high quality digital video file created during the video tape conversion process.  Video tapes are captured in the Windows Media 9 format at 3 MB/s with a  720 x 540 frame rate.


    By utilizing multiple video files and various bitrates we are able to deliver DVDs at the highest quality plus provide an amazing online viewing, sharing, and editing experience.


  5. How many days do I have to create my custom DVDs?

    If you have not signed up for a Premium Account with stashSpace, you have 60 days to create custom DVDs through stashBox, our online video editing software.  If you are a Premium Account member, all your video is securely stored at stashSpace as long as you remain a Premium member, and you are able to watch, edit, store and share an unlimited amount of video.


  6. How much do the DVDs cost?

    We have two types of DVDs.  Our Basic DVD (or Archive DVD) can be purchased for $9.95/DVD at the time you place your original video transfer order.  The Basic DVD is an exact copy of your videotape on DVD, broken into 30 evenly spaced chapters with thumbnail scene images.  Our Director's DVDs are created by our customers through stashBox, our online video editing and management system, and can be purchased for $9.95/DVD plus shipping.  Director's DVDs can contain footage from any of your transferred videotapes, any uploaded video and even photo montages created through our photo sharing tools.  DVDs can contain up to 2 hours of video footage.


  7. How many minutes of video can fit on one DVD?

    Up to 2 hours of video can be placed onto a DVD.


  8. What's your return policy if I do not like my DVD?

    We use the highest quality products from Pioneer, Mitsui Advanced Media, Spruce Technologies, Snell and Wilcox, Tascam, Viewcast and DPS.  StashSpace Corporation provides a 100% money back guarantee or we'll replace your DVD if it is found to be defective upon viewing, up to 30 days after you have received your order.  We do ask that you send us back the item you are returning and provide us with the manufacturer and model number of your DVD player so we can continually update our DVD compatibility list.


  9. Do I have to pay sales tax on my order? operates in Washington State, and therefore we charge all Washington State customers 7.7% sales tax.  Customers outside of Washington State are not charged sales tax.


Shipping & Handling Questions

  1. Are my original videotapes sent back to me?

    Of course!  Your videotapes will be sent back to you shortly after they have been transferred to DVD.


  2. How safe is it to send my videotapes through the mail?

    We recommend sending your videotapes through a trackable shipping method by one of the three major shipping providers -- UPS, FedEx or the US Postal Service (with delivery confirmation). We have never had a consumer videotape lost in shipping either to or from our processing facility via one of these shipping methods. If you are shipping a large number of tapes, we do recommend splitting your shipment up into two or more separate shipments.


  3. What are your shipping and handling fees for VHS to DVD transfer?

    Shipping and handling fees are per order.  DVDs ordered in the same 24 hour period are shipped together and only charged one shipping fee.  All orders are shipped via UPS ground and are $8.95 for up to 5 tapes, additional tapes cost  $2.50 for every five tapes.


  4. Where do I send my videotapes?

    After placing your video transfer order you will get an e-mail with your order number and shipping instructions. Pack your tapes up carefully in a sturdy cardboard box or padded envelope, and send them with your order confirmation to:

    Attn: Shipping/Receiving
    31 West Chewuch
    Winthrop, WA 98862

    If you are sending your tapes in a padded envelope, be sure the padding is provided by bubble-wrap. Some envelopes contain shredded wood fiber/pulp which is extremely dusty and will contaminate your videotapes if the envelope tears or rips during transit. We recommend using a sturdy cardboard box, with lots of extra bubble-wrap or packing peanuts to take up all the extra empty spaceand protect your tapes. Better yet, have your tapes professionally packed by the UPS Store, FedEx Kinko's or your neighborhood pack and ship store.


Film to DVD Transfer Questions

  1. How do I find out what kind of film I have?

    Your film is most likely Regular 8mm, Super8mm (silent or with sound) or 16mm film.  You can visit our Film transfer section to learn more about our Film to DVD Transfer Service, or use our film identification guide to find out what kind of film you have.


  2. Why is film transfer so expensive

    Unlike our fully-automated VHS to DVD Transfer service, Film transfer is very labor-intensive and requires more oversight throughout the entire transfer process.  As a result, the cost is much higher, as you are paying for both the equipment, expertise and labor required to complete a high-quality digital film conversion of your home movie memories.


  3. Why do I get charged extra for shipping on my film transfer order?

    Film weighs much more than its videotape counterparts.  As a result, our standard shipping rates are insufficient to recover the actual shipping & handling costs that we incur for your order.  We charge an extra $2.50 per 500 feet of film in your transfer order to cover these additional costs.


Video Sharing Questions


  1. Can I upload my own video for sharing?

    Yes you can! Not only can you send in videotapes for long-time archiving, sharing and delivery on DVD, you can also upload and share video that "just happened" for quick sharing of life's special moments caught on your digital camcorder, mobile phone, Flip Video, digital camera, or files on your computer.


  2. What protection does my video have? How can I be sure that only my family & friends will be able to watch my video?

    We treat the security and privacy of our client's video as our number one priority. Your videos are safeguarded by a number of custom access and privacy controls to allow your family and friends in, and keep the random visitor out. You have video-by-video and person-by-person sharing control to limit who can watch your videos and establish the level of access to your videos. Each share invitation has a unique code associated with it grating that recipient access.  You can even remove access after a movie or album has been shared.  With StashSpace, you have complete control.


  3. How do I share my video with family and friends?  Do they need to join to watch my video?
    Simply add a persons name and e-mail to your people list and click 'share'.  Take a look at our how to share video online guide to learn more. Share recipients simply click a link to begin watching the video you shared with them, no account or install is required.


  4. How long can I share video through my free account or paid account?
    Our free stashLite customers are able to share each uploaded video for 60 days.  Standard and Premium Account holders get  unlimited video sharing with no time limits as long as they remain an  active member. 


    For video transfer orders, video is available to share for 60 days from the time the video is added to your account for stashLite and stashStandard customers.  StashPremium members get unlimited video sharing of video tapes as well as uploaded content.  See our pricing schedule for more details on account pricing and specifications.


  5. Is there a quality difference in shared video between the free and standard or premium accounts?
    Yes there is.  stashLite video is shared at "web-quality" (300mbs at 240x320 pixels) whereas our stashStandard and stashPremium accounts enjoy higher-quality video sharing with both a higher bitrate and larger frame size (500kbs at 480x640 pixels).  See our pricing schedule for more details on account pricing and specifications.

  6. What makes StashSpace different from other video sharing services?

    Video Acquisition - Transfer, Capture, and Import video from a multitude of sources

    Other video sharing companies assume you already have video on your computer, or just want to share short clips. Only with can you send in video tapes, capture video directly from your camcorder, import from your camera or flip video, or grab an entire video file, edit and organize your video into custom home movies to share with family and friends


    Private network:

    Although allows you to publish individual clips to the web for inclusion in your personal blog or webpage, we have designed our service around the sharing and enjoyment of movies with your family and friends – NOT the entire Internet world. Each video is shared on a per-person, per-movie basis, ensuring that your movies are available only to those people with whom you wish to share.


    Editing and publishing of your entire video library:

    Life doesn’t happen in 60-second chunks – so why should you watch it that way? Only with can you manage ALL of your home video content and create custom videos that your friends and family won’t sleep through boring, unneeded clips. Our online editing software allows you to scan an entire two-hour video in seconds using our video time line solution, located directly in the stashBox application.  There are no limits on video size or length.


    Do It Yourself, or have us do it for you:

    Only with stashBox can you transfer your video library yourself using our software OR send your tapes in for processing into your account. For as little as $5.95/tape, you can have convert your video tapes to high quality DVD format.

Video Editing Questions

  1. What is stashBox?

    stashBox is our web-based video preservation, viewing, editing and sharing tool. It can be downloaded from the website for free. stashBox allows the user to upload and share videos with family and friends, as well as edit and publish them with just one click. Through this technology, customers can also create Hollywood-quality DVD’s complete with scene chapters and menu images.


  2. Do I need Hi-speed Internet to use stashBox?

    stashBox requires a high-speed Internet connection. Cable, DSL or satellite will work. Speeds over 350K work best, but the system will work with as low as 256K. Dial-up is not supported.


  3. Will stashBox work on my computer?

    Our online editing software is currently compatible with Windows operating systems through Windows 7.  Macs and Windows Vista 64-bit computers have limited support.  We are currently in the process of updating our software for use on Macs, Windows 7, and Vista 64-bit.


Video Storage Questions


About StashSpace


  1. How long has been in the DVD conversion business? entered the market in 2000 and has been generating sales since April of that year. hit the market when DVD streaming was just taking flight. Our company targets the professional videographer, the newlywed and the everyday technology savvy consumer. Our main goal is to get rid of the Do-it-yourself solutions by offering a way to preserve, edit and share your video content to DVD while at the same time delivering personalized authoring services at a lower cost and higher quality.




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