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Video Editing

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Video Editing with the StashBox Online Video Editor

Easily organize, combine, and enjoy your videos and photos with the free StashBox video editor.  The simple and easy to use interface makes it easy to add video footage and create a movie in minutes. With StashBox, you'll have the video editing tools at your fingertips, ready to share, archive, and burn your video masterpiece in no time!


Tour the StashBox Video Editor

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DVD style menus

In both the StashBox video editor and the share player all of your movies are presented in a DVD style menu format with each scene containing a thumbnail image and a title.  Easily navigate your video scenes just like a blockbuster movie; click a scene thumbnail to begin playing your movie from that point..
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Organize your videos into movies

Easily organize your videos into movies.  Click a movie title to bring that movie menu up. Each movie can have up to 56 video scenes and you can easily movie scenes between different movies.
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Online video editing

Edit videos with ease.  Just load up the edit scene bubble to easily adjust the video scene start and end points, select a scene thumbnail image, customize titles, and add tags to your video.

     >> learn more Online Video Editing

Add video from almost any source

Capture and import video from a variety of sources. Send in videotapes and film to our professional video transfer service, capture video directly from your camcorder, upload files, and import from digital cameras and other devices.
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Easy to use features

Big clear easy to understand buttons make accessing features of the stashBox video editor a breeze. Add video, search for tagged video scenes, save your data, share online, order a DVD, stash and backup online, send to iPod, and playback your video with the click of  a button on the icon bar.
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Share Video

Easily manage contacts with your share list.  All of your people are organized in one accessible place for quick sharing.  Just enter your friends name and e-mail address to add them to the list.
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Talk about your movies and exchange comments

Add a message to your movie before you share it.  Provide more details about your video or encourage your friends to comment.  Exchanging comments about your video is easy!
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