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Video Editing

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Editing video online with StashBox is very simple.  Each video clip that you upload or record into your online video account is stored as a single clip within a movie.  Using our online video scene editing tools, you can customize those scenes by trimming the slip start and end points.  For longer scenes (such as a VHS video you sent to us for video transfer), you can create multiple scenes to help break up the video and create shorter clips.


When you hover over a scene on the menu, three buttons appear to the right of the scene.  The magnifying glass will open the scene edit bubble:


Tags on scenes make it easier for you to find scenes by topic when you want to make a new movie.  They are keywords or phrases used to describe the scene, e.g., birthday, Jack, first house, kids, grandma.


Another of the three buttons that appears when you hover over a scene is the plus sign.  When you click on the plus sign, a new scene will be created immediately after the selected scene and the scene edit bubble will open for the new scene.


The last of the three buttons that appear when you hover over a scene is the X, which is the delete button.  The delete button will delete the selected scene from the current movie only.

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