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Video Editing

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Edit Video Clips & Tapes Simultaneously

Import video clips directly from
your digital camera or record video from your digital camcorder. You can easily trim the garbage from the start and end of your shorter clips, or isolate the best clips from your longer videotapes.


High-Quality Recording

Your StashBox will automatically detect the

best setting for your video recording.

Have the latest Dual-Core Centrino?

Then our High-Quality setting is for

you. Sporting a slightly older

processor?  We'll let you know

the setting to record your

video at it's best.

Pick your Thumbnail for the Scene

Any image from within your scene can be used as the thumbnail to represent the scene on your Movie.  Scan through your video timeline, and when you see a video image you like, simply click on the "Scene Thumb" box to set your thumbnail.


Make Movie Mashups From Any of your Movies

Once you've identified all your scenes, you can create custom movies that include any video clip from any of your movies, in any order! Have a birthday coming up? Grab all the most embarrassing scenes and create a movie the birthday boy or girl will never forget (or the guests!)


Scene Tagging

Don't forget to set your Scene Tags as you create your movie. Tagging your video scenes helps you manage and organize your home video library when you want to create your masterpiece. Names, places, activities and dates are a great place to start.

DVD Compatibility Guarantee