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Thank you for signing up, for your account!

Congratulations on your free account!  We're delighted to have you as a customer, and we're going to show you how easy it is to upload video and share movies with stashBox.

instal online video editing system

online video editing installation progressIn order to employ the full features of stashBox, use Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Windows XP and Windows Media Player version 10.0. 
With Internet Explorer, when you click on our website, a system check is done automatically before you continue with the stashBox installation.  If you have any difficulties with the installation, contact stashSpace customer service at 509.996.4281.

Upload video
  record video or upload video online

We'll automatically start a new movie for you in stashBox.  Just connect your digital camcorder or camera to your computer.  Click the camcorder icon to record video directly from that device.

If you already have video files on your computer (.wmv, .avi, .mov), then with stashBox, click the folder icon to simply browse your computer for videos to upload to your stash.

Each video is a scene.  Rename the movie and scenes as desired.


Click on the new button under people in stashBox and enter someone's name and email address.

Click the circle next to that person's name and it will change to a checkmark. 

Then click the share button.  Your movie scenes will be stashed to the webserver and a share invitation will be emailed.

In other welcome video tutorials, we'll show you more about editing scenes and some of the advanced editing and sharing features available with stashBox, and how to build picture albums that you can share online as slide shows with music.

You may also refer to stashHelp for a assistance, or get in touch with our friendly customer service representatives by simply clicking the "contact us" link under "My Stash".

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