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Video Editing

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Import Video Files

Almost any type of video can be imported into the StashBox video editing application.  You can add videos to your account from your computer as well as send a video transfer or film transfer order to have older media formats converted to digital and added to your account.

Add video from your computer

On the icon bar click the folder/camera icon labeled 'add scenes'.  This will bring up the add video bubble (shown below)

Video Transfer

digital cameradata DVDvideo sceneTransfer video to DVD
computer filesflip video cameracell phonephoto slideshowFilm Transfer

StashBox icon bar

capture videocamera videoCamcorder video

Capture camcorder video directly from your Digital8 or MiniDV video camera using a firewire cord.
     >> learn more about how to capture camcorder video

add video files from your computerVideo files from your computer

Import an assortment of video files like .wmv, .avi, .mov, .mp4, .mod, .flv, .3gp, .3g2, and .divx files
     >> learn more about importing video files

import digital camera videoDigital camera video

Add video files directly from your digital camera.  Use the add 'digital camera' feature to select the video clips from your camera.  Each clip will be added as a unique scene to the active movie.
     >> learn more about adding digital camera video

upload flip videoFlip video

Add flip video files directly into the StashBox.  Use the special add from 'Flip Video Device' feature to copy flip video onto your computer and into the StashBox.  A scene will be created from each flip video clip allowing for seamless playback and sharing.
     >> learn more about how to add flip video

Import a StashDisc Data DVDStashDisc DataDVDs

Send in videotapes to be transferred to digital by expert StashSpace technicians and put onto a StashDisc dataDVD.  We will send back your original tape and a stashDisc containing the raw digital file of your video.  Use the 'StashDisc' feature to easily copy the digital video onto your computer and into your stashBox.
     >> learn more about how to import DataDVDs

add cell phone videoCell Phone Video

Take the video off your cell phone and import it into the StashBox video editor.  Import .3gp and ,3g2 files directly or e-mail video to
     >> learn more about how to add cell phone video

copy videoDuplicate Movie Scenes

Copy scenes from movie to movie with the add from 'movie scene' feature.  Works great for creating compilation movies of birthday or holiday parties over the years.
     >> learn more about how to copy scenes onto other movies

add photo slideshow to videoPhoto Album

Add a photo album to your video with the 'from album' feature.  Create a video scene of your photos and music to add to your movie.
     >> learn more about how to combine photos with video

Send in Videotapes and Film by mail

We can bring your video memories back to life with our professional video transfer service.  Send us your videotapes and film to be digitally re-mastered and added to your account.


Transfer video to DVDVideotapes

Send in videotapes for professional video transfer for just $6.95 per tape. VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm, Video8, Hi8, MiniDV, DVCam, DVD, miniDVD, MicroMV, and Betamax are all accepted formats. 
     >> learn more about our video transfer service

Film TransferFilm

Send in film for professional film transfer of your 8mm, super 8mm, and 16mm film reels. 
     >> learn more about our film transfer service

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