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Video Editing

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Free Video Editing Software


Manage All your Video & Photos on your Computer

StashBox Free Editing SoftwareStashBox, our free Online Video Editing Software, is available to all our free and paid account users.  The video editor is designed to make it easy to manage home videos from a variety of devices and video formats. 


Whether you have video clips from your Digital Camera or Flip Video, videotapes from your old VHS or Hi8 Camcorder, want to share mobile video you just shot, or want to record and edit video from your digital video camcorder, StashBox can manage your entire video library, making it easy to watch, edit, share, and remotely store your video memories for safekeeping.


Video Editing Integration with Older Videotape Transfers

Our Video transfer options make it easy to digitize your entire library of analog and digital format Videotapes, including VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, Hi8 Video, 8mm Video Tapes, Digital8 Video, Video8, BetaMax, MiniDV, DVCam, MicroMV, DVD and MiniDVD video formats.  For a low transfer fee, your video will be posted to your stashSpace account, and can be viewed, edited, shared, mixed and stored alongside any video that you've imported locally on your own computer.


Easy Movie and DVD Creation Features

All of our Video Editing features are centered around the concept of creating a movie from your video clips.  This movie can then be shared, stored on our servers or burned onto a DVD at our production facility.  Features of our online video editor include:

  • Free Web-based video editing software
  • Easy Download and Install on your PC
  • Record Video from your digital camcorder
  • Import Video from computer files, camcorder, camera or Flip Video
  • Trim starts and ends of your video clips
  • Remove unwanted video.
  • Create multiple scenes from one video clip
  • Tag your video scenes for easy searching
  • Embed movies on your blog or personal website
  • Private and public sharing options
  • Share video online with family and friends

Easy Download and Install on your PC

Our free online video editor works on most PCs, and is easy to install on your computer.  Here's what you need to do:

  1. Test your System for Compatibility with StashBox
  2. Sign-up for our Free, Standard or Premium Stashing Accounts
  3. Download and Install stashBox
  4. Start Stashing!!! Import Video, Send in tapes or film, Create Movies, Upload and Share online with family and friends

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