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CamcorderCapture Camcorder Video

Capturing camcorder video onto your computer is easy with the StashBox video editor.  Simply connect your camcorder to your computer with a FireWire cable and follow the directions bellow to easily capture camcorder video.

See the firewire guide for more information on FireWire cables and identifying your FireWire port

Step 1 - Select Video Camera Capture Quality

When you select 'Camcorder' the stashBox will look to see if you have a camcorder connected and allow you to decide what video quality to use when capturing video.capture camcorder video 

To keep things simple the StashBox video editor analyzes the performance capabilities of your computer, based on your CPU speed, and pre-selects the video capture profile that will result in the best quality on your computer.

Step 2 - Start Capturing Video

When you are ready to begin capturing video click the red record button, then click play on your camcorder.


Your video will be captured from your camcorder onto your computer in real-time as it plays back on your video camera.  You can watch your video being captured through the preview window, as well as monitor the quality level of theVideo camera capture recording.


If the quality level dips bellow 100% you will be notified that the processor can't keep up with the real-time video capture and that frames are being dropped.  You can fix this by restarting your video capture and using a lower video capture profile.  This lower video capture profile will actually produce a better overall video capture because it won't have any dropped audio or video frames.

Step 3 -Watch, Edit and Enjoy your Camcorder Video

Once you click the 'STOP' button, the StashBox will finalize your video capture and index your video for editing.  When this process is complete your video will open in the StashBox Edit Bubble.  In this bubble you can quickly scroll the contents of your newly captured video: edit your start and end points, select a thumbnail image to represent the video, add a title, break up the video into scenes, and more.  See the online video editing page for all the details on how to edit your video in StashBox.

Note:  You can also send in your tapes and have StashSpace transfer them to digital for you!

Let the video professionals at StashSpace do the hard work for you. We can transfer your miniDV tapes (as well as any other kind of tape) to digital for just $6.95 a tape.  Once we have transferred your tapes to digital you can watch and edit online, order DVDs, or get back the raw digital files on a portable hard drive.  Learn more about our video transfer options.

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