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Upload Video Files & Create a DVD


**Special Notice**
Our online video upload, recording, storage, editing and sharing solution is currently not available while we are developing our next version. Please visit our new website at for our current Video Transfer, Slide Scanning, and Film Transfer Services.


Take the video files you have scattered around your computer and import them into the StashBox video editor to watch, organize, edit, share, and convert to DVD. Adding video files into StashBox is a snap. When you grab video files from your computer, the StashBox will automatically add each clip as a unique scene and drop it onto the active movie with a thumbnail and a title.

Record Video from your Camcorder

Capturing camcorder video onto your computer is easy with the StashBox video editor.  Simply connect your camcorder to your computer with a FireWire cable and record video directly into your stashBox.  When you are finished, you can create scenes of all the video footage and customize your movie.


Upload Video from your Camera

Video capabilities of digital cameras are constantly improving, and we are happy to support most digital camera video files for import into stashBox.  Just connect your digital camera to your computer, select "add video from Camera" and all your video clips will be converted and imported into a new movie as individual scenes.  Now you can trim the start and end times to keep the best stuff to store, share and burn to DVD.


Get your Flip Video Files on DVD

The Flip Video Camera has revolutionized the Camcorder industry.  A hybrid between a digital camera and a true camcorder, it is now the #1 selling camcorder in the United States.  We make it easy to manage your flip video clips.  You can import clips directly into your stashBox, trim the starts and ends of each scene, order a DVD to watch in the comfort of your own living room, or share your video moments online with family & friends.



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