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Our online video upload, recording, storage, editing and sharing solution is no longer available. Please visit our new website at for our current VHS to DVD, Slide Scanning, Photo Scanning, Negative Scanning, and Film Transfer Services.


Don't know what or who is on those videotapes you just uncovered? Not sure where all of your child's birthdays are? Are you famous for getting great footage of the ceiling? Do you want to easily see a list of all your video clips from the Christmas Holidays overs the years? Want to combine two video tapes onto one DVD?


DVD menu

Create customized Director's DVDs of your family home video collection with the easy to use StashBox Video Editor for only $14.95 per DVD.


With stashBox, you can spend as much or as little time as you want making your home movie masterpiece. Customize  individual scenes with custom start and end points, titles and thumbnail images for use in creating Director's DVDs.

  • Personalize your DVD menus with custom titles
  • Select custom scene thumbnails from your video
  • Combine clips from different video sources
  • Edit out unwanted video scene
  • Produce a DVD masterpiece with up to 3 hours of premium video footage
  • Generate up to 56 scenes per DVD.  Split up long videos into discrete easy to navigate video scenes
  • Import photo montages from uploaded pictures
  • Easily trim start and end points an d remove any unwanted content.

Combine footage from a multitude of sources to create the ultimate home video DVD collection.  Easily create DVDs with video from videotapes, film reels, video camcorders, digital cameras, flip video cameras, other video devices, and video files. 


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