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How to White Balance Your Camcorder

Proper camcorder white balance will ensure that your video looks the best that it can.  Luckily, white balancing your camcorder is very easy to do.


What is white balance?

Digital camcorders use the color of white as a basis for the rendering of all the other colors that it records. When you set your camcorder white balance, your camcorder will be able to properly record other colors accurately as well.


When should you white balance?

You should set your white balance on your camcorder whenever your lighting environment changes.  For example, if you are videotaping a wedding, you might go from a dimly lit ceremony, to an outdoor receiving line (with lots of sun!) to an evening reception.  If possible, you should white balance at the beginning of each of these scenes.


How to white balance a Camcorder?

Most digital camcorders will have a white balance button.  If yours does not, read through your camcorder manual to see if yours has a menu option available to white balance.


Once you have located your white balance button or found the white balance menu option, find something in your room that is white -- a white wall, or a white piece of paper (Hint: Carry a white hardboard card with you to make sure you have something white with you at all times) -- and zoom in until all you see in the viewfinder is your white object.


Then press your white balance button, and you're done!


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