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Use StashSpace to Store your Video, Photos and Music

Save a secure copy of your family memories with stashSpace through our affordable pay-as-you-go stashing accounts.


Store Your Video for Sharing and Backup

When you sync and upload video through stashBox, your edited movies are stored on our redundant storage array and made available for you to share online with Family & Friends, broadcast video on MySpace through our innovative stashFeed video technology, download to your Video iPod, or transfer to DVD.  Storage is affordable, with one year's worth of video sharing storage and view time available for as little as $39.95 per year!
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Create & Store Online Photo Albums set to Music

SnapShot Albums are a great way to create a Photo Gallery and Photo Slideshow set to your own music.  After you title, tag and sequence your photos, select your music and stash the project with your account, you can share your slideshow with family & friends.  Your SnapShot Album can either be watched as a show, complete with music and transitions, or you can navigate through the Album as a Photo Gallery, staying on each photo as long as you like.


Video Sharing Privacy Control - Control Who Watches Your Stash

With your StashBox, you can control who is able to watch each of your movies.  And with our online video editing features, you can easily create different versions of your movies to avoid any embarrassing moments.


Access to Your Memories, Anywhere, Anytime!

With stashBox, you can access your remote media storage account anytime, from anywhere in the world!  Your synced movies and photos, along with any movies that have been shared with you, are available for you to watch and edit.  Of course, movies that you have not yet synced with your remote account are only available on your own computer.


Think of it as Hard-Drive Insurance

When was the last time you had to endure a hard-drive crash?  Don't let your next disaster cause your memories to be lost forever.  Your remote stashBox account holds original, high-quality versions of your videos that you synced with us.


Sign-up for a Free Account

Create an account, it's free.  You can then record, edit and manage unlimited amounts of video and photos on your own computer.  Start uploading video and photos right away or send us tapes to add to your online 'stash' space.


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