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Flip Video

The Flip Video camcorders are great.  They're small, simple, inexpensive and can easily be thrown into a purse or tucked into a pocket allowing you to easily take video anywhere.  Now you can capture move video than ever before.  At StashSpace, we love the Flip Video Camcorders so much we built several special features just for the Flip Camera!


Add Flip Video to your Computer

Copy or move flip video clips from your flip camcorder instantly.  Another great feature is that the flip video has a built in USB connector so you don't have to search around for any cords.  Just plug the flip into your computer, open the StashBox, and click the 'flip video' icon.  You will automatically be taken to your flip video files in the (Flip Video):/DCIM/100VIDEO/ folder.  Select your flip video files and have them copied onto your computer and added to your StashBox.  You can also add video files that are already on your computer.

Play Flip Video

Easily play flip video with our free video editor StashBox.  Just import your video into the StashBox video editor and click 'play'.  Flip video cameras record video in the .avi format and require the 3ivx codec/plug-in to play correctly.  When you use the StashBox video editor this codec is installed for you automatically. If the 3ivx codec is not installed your flip video may play without any audio. With the StashBox there is no need to worry about flip video playback problems!

Combine Video Clips into one Movie

When you use your flip to take video you typically end up with a lot of clips of similar footage.  Use the StashBox video editor to turn your clips into a movie and tell the full story.  Your flip video clips will automatically be turned into scenes when you add them to the StashBox.  Just like a movie you would rent at Blockbuster your video clips will play back to back. Want to re-arrange your scenes? No problem.  Just drag and drop your scenes to re-order them. 


Share Flip Video

Sharing Flip Video is really easy with StashBox.  To share Flip Video with family and friends add a checkmark next to their name in your 'people' list.  When you click the 'share' button your video will be optimized for sharing online and uploaded to our servers.  By default your video is private, and you have complete control over who can view your video.  You can even un-share a movie if you shared it by mistake.

Burn Flip Video to DVD

Put Flip Video onto DVD for easy playback on your DVD player.  Just click the 'Order DVD' button; and StashSpace will burn your Flip video to DVD for you.  The DVDs will be shipped to you in 3-5 business days and are guaranteed to play in your DVD player!  You can even let friends and family buy DVDs of the movies you have shared.  With StashSpace, making DVDs of your flip videos is easy!


About Flip Video

The Flip Video is a simple camcorder for taking digital video.  It's about the size of a deck of cards and is vary easy to use.  There are several different models: the flip, the flip ultra, and the flip mino.  The flip camcorders are inexpensive for a video camera and range in price from $130 <-> $180.  Video is taken at 4 Mbps at a resolution of 640x480 and stored in internal memory.  A flip video can hold up to 60 minutes of video recording time.



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