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How much film do I have on my film reels?


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How to tell the length of your film based on the width of your film reels

digital transfer of 8mm and 16mm filmAs you unpack your box of film, you will find that your film is currently on 3-inch film reels, 5-inch film reels, or 7-inch film reels. When your film was first developed, chances are it was delivered back to you or your parents on a 3-inch reel (which is why you may have so many!). Each of these 3-inch reels holds 50 linear feet of film, which equates to roughly 3-4 minutes of video, depending on what type of film it is.


If the 3-inch reels were viewed and spliced together, they obviously lengthened and needed to be put onto larger reels. The 5-inch reels hold approximately 200 feet of film (or 15 minutes of footage), and the 7-inch reels hold approximately 400 feet of time (or 30 minutes of footage).

Film Reel Size :: Corresponding Linear Feet :: Approximate Length

3-inch reel :: 50 feet :: approx 3-4 minutes

5-inch reel :: 200 feet :: approx 15 minutes

7-inch reel :: 400 feet :: approx 30 minutes


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