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Film Transfer

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Shipping Your Digital Film Transfer Order


**Special Notice**
Please visit our Film Transfer page at our new website www.MemoryHub.com.


How to Pack your Film Reels

We recommend that you don't send all of your film reels your would like us to transfer in the same box. While stashSpace has never had a customer's materials lost in transit (via a trackable shipping method through the USPS, UPS, or FedEx), we believe in taking every precaution when shipping such valuable items. Break up large amounts of film into a few separate shipments. As a rule of thumb, we suggest sending no more than 100 3"inch reels, 25 5" film reels, or 10-12 7" film reels per box.


Once you have determined how many shipments you have, please purchase a new sturdy box to ship your film reels to us.  New boxes will hold up better to the handling during the shipping process.  Wrapping your film reels together in bubble-wrap


Label your Film Reels in Order for Conversion

If you would like us to transfer your film reels in a particular order, please number them 1 through X. Remember to keep the film grouped by type, numbering all the 8mm film reels separately from your Super8mm film reels and 16mm film reels. If you decide not to number some of the reels, we’ll just transfer them randomly.



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