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Film Transfer

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Film to Video Transfer


**Special Notice**
Please visit our Film Transfer page at our new website www.MemoryHub.com. We no longer provide videotape masters, but would welcome the opportunity to provide you with an uncompressed Digital Video File of your film transfer.


Providing a Digital Film Master suitable for your archive

We very often get the question "Why do you create a Digital Tape Master of my Film Transfer".  The answer quite simply is that we want to make sure you get the highest quality for your money.


A DVD Master is not good enough for your film transfer

Many reputable film transfer services simply take your film and transfer it to a DVD.  Even if they use a high-quality all-digital film transfer process, a DVD is a highly-compressed digital copy of your film, and doesn't provide a potential "upgrade" path to a higher-quality playback medium in the future. While DVDs are a great medium for playback and enjoyment of your homemovies, they are NOT indestructable - a simple scratch or accidental drop onto a hard surface (resulting in a crack or delamination) can render them unplayable, leaving you with no way to watch your childhood memories.


Why do you use the MiniDV tape format for a digital master?

The MiniDV tape format is currently the high-quality, full-frame standard for Digital Video in the consumer, prosumer and industrial video industry.  It is a compact and and safe form of media (although still susceptible to heat, humidity and magnetic deterioration), and widely accessible for playback across many brands of miniDV camcorders.  As an industry standard, it is also a format that will quite likely hang around for a while before being replaced by another tape format.  Even the new HDV digital video formats utilize the MiniDV tape as a recording medium.


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