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Film Transfer

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Film to DVD


Film to DVD Transfer from Film Reels

Convert your Film to DVD

A large portion of your home movies may be on film, since the first VHS Camera didn't hit the market until 1976!  Now you want to give your family memories new life and transfer your film to DVD. Chances are you either want or need to send the film to a professional film transfer service to convert your film to DVD.

What kinds of film do we transfer to DVD?

There are three predominant types of film that will comprise your collection of Home Movies - 8mm film, Super 8mm film, and 16mm film.  Chances are you probably have a mix of formats if you or your parents were taking film over an extended period of time.


8mm Film to DVD Super 8mm Film to DVD 16mm Film to DVD

Convert 8mm to DVD

Convert Super 8 to DVD

Convert 16mm film to DVD


Our Film to DVD Conversion Process

Our Film Conversion Process utilizes the latest digital technology for an all-digital frame-by-frame transfer of your home movie memories.

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More Information about Film to DVD Transfer

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Order your Film to DVD Transfer

What are you waiting for? Place your Film to DVD order today!  Your film will be professionally transferred in about 3-4 weeks after we receive your film.

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