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Film Transfer

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Film Transfer Process

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Gone are the days of home videographers projecting your film against a white screen or wall while videotaping the image with a VHS camera. The industry has experienced many advances in the film transfer process that will make your family memories shine. 


Our Film to DVD transfer process

At StashSpace we use the latest digital film transfer technologies to make sure your Home Movies come out looking great! Film is transferred directly to DVD using state-of-the-art aerial direct digital film transfer technology that captures the image directly from the emulsion of the film using a high resolution digital video camera (we do not project your film onto a screen and then record it). During the film transfer process we apply exposure and color corrections, creating memories that are fresh and vivid. Your film is captured at 480 lines of resolution using our aerial direct transfer technology.


Services included with our Film Transfer

  1. Digital transfer process of your film via 3CCD digital video
  2. LED projection system to ensure consistent lighting and to prevent burning of your film
  3. Color correction monitored throughout the entire transfer process
  4. Clean and lubricate your film footage prior to the transfer process
  5. Minor film and leader repairs as needed
  6. Your smaller 3" and 5" reels are spliced and combined onto larger 7" reels for easy record-keeping and storage


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