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Convert 8mm Film to DVD

8mm film, Super 8mm film and 16mm film sprocket sizes

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What is 8mm film

Standard 8mm film, also known as Regular 8 mm film, Double 8 mm film or simply as Standard-8 or Regular-8, was the original film format designed for the home movie market, and provided a cheaper alternative to the 16mm film format. It was originally developed and released into the market in 1932.


It proved an immediate success, and didn't see much change as a format until the 1960s when a new frame rate of 18 frames per second was introduced, and then again in 1965 when the Super 8 film format was introduced.


How much 8mm film do I have?

You may be overwhelmed when you open your box of family movies and are faced with a seemingly endless (and heavy!) collection of 3-inch reels, 5-inch reels and 7-inch film reels.  Just how many hours of film footage do you have?  A quick estimate can be given by adding all of your reels together, and then using the following calculations:

3-inch reel :: 50 feet :: approx 3-4 minutes

5-inch reel :: 200 feet :: approx 15 minutes

7-inch reel :: 400 feet :: approx 30 minutes

Why do I have so many 3-inch 8mm Film Reels?

There wasn't much room to fit a lot of film into 8mm or Super 8mm Film cameras.  As a result, film was sold and developed in 50-foot increments, or about 3 and a half minutes of footage depending on the frame rate of your 8mm film.  If you or your parents never took the time to splice these smaller film reels together onto a 5-inch reel or 7-inch reel, your 8mm film will still be on the original 3-inch film reel received after it was developed.


How do your Transfer 8mm Film to DVD?

All of our 8mm and Super 8 film transfers go through our all-digital film transfer process.


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