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What kind of film do I have?


8mm film, Super 8mm film and 16mm film sprocket sizes

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8mm Film vs. Super8mm Film vs. 16mm film

Depending on whether your 8mm film or Super 8mm film was originally shot by you or your parents, you may not know exactly what type of film you have. If your film is on a reel between 3 and 7 inches in diameter, it is most likely 8mm film, Super 8mm film (with or without Sound) or 16mm film.


8mm Film

Regular 8 film is 8mm in width, with single sprockets down one side of the film. These holes are generally larger than those on Super 8mm Film. Find out more about our 8mm film to DVD transfer service


Super 8mm Film

Super 8mm Film, sometimes also called "Super 8", is also 8mm in width and may have sound. It has smaller sprockets down one side than Regular 8. Find out more about our Super8 film to DVD transfer service


16mm Film

Do you see a trend here? 16mm film is (you guessed it!) 16mm wide, and may have sound. If you see sprockets along the top and the bottom of the film, it is silent 16mm Film. If you only see one set of sprockets along the top, chances are you have 16mm Sound Film. 16mm film also runs twice as fast as Regular or Super 8mm film. Find out more about our 16mm film to DVD transfer service


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