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Choosing a Tripod for your Digital Video Camera

One of the best investments you can make once you start feeling comfortable shooting home video is a tripod for your digital camcorder. If you want a steady picture, a tripod is the way to go. Next time you are at a family function, try putting your camcorder on a tripod. You’ll spend less time, energy and concentration on your video, and the video quality will be much-improved.  If you want to share video online, a tripod is a must as it will greatly increase the quality of the streaming video.


Consider these points when choosing a tripod:

  • Buy a tripod that is designed for video, not photography
  • The tripod should withstand the weight of the digital camcorder plus the weight of the camcorder battery
  • Make sure that the tripod has a quick-release mounting plate. Be aware that these plates can crack and wear over time
  • Quick-release leg adjusters are more convenient than thumb screws
  • Look for a tripod with an adjustable center post. This allows you to adjust the height of the digital camcorder without having to extend the legs.
  • If you shoot a lot of scenic video, buying a high quality tripod with a fluid head is key for panning landscapes and panoramic shots.
  • Consider purchasing a tripod bag to keep your tripod in good condition

Some Models Worth Considering:

  • 3433 Fluid Head
  • 755B MDVD Video Tripod
  • 522A Sony LANC Remote
  • 700RC2, 756BK MDVE Tripod with head
  • 714B Digi Tripod

Makeshift Tripod Set-up

Here's a quick tip:  If you're on vacation or a business trip and need a quick makeshift tripod, take the lampshade off of your hotel room lamp, and screw your camcorder in.  Presto!  You have a solid base to shoot steady video with your digital camcorder.

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