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Features for your Digital Video Camcorder

Depending on how much you want to spend on a digital video camcorder, there are many options available to fit your price range. When selecting a camcorder, consider these features, depending on your price range:


Camcorder Lens quality

when you buy a digital camcorder, the size of the lens determines the degree of light and image quality. The larger the lens, the better both of these qualities will be when shooting that family vacation video or taking video of your brotherís wedding.


Video Pixels

Pixels are the number of dots that together comprise a picture. The more pixels in a fixed image, the greater the video resolution quality. High-quality digital video camcorders offer as much as 410,000 or more pixels per CCD.


Audio Options

To allow for quality recording, stashSpace recommends that you purchase a digital camcorder that is able to record audio using XLR balanced-type microphones for such needs as recording family interviews. With new features on stashBox, audio plays an important role in deciding which model to purchase.


Microphone connector

You should look for the option of connecting an external microphone. Most models have a standard mini-jack connector for an external microphone. Some high-end models have a 3-pin XLR audio connector, sometimes called a balanced audio connector.


Video Resolution

When looking at specification sheets to compare digital camcorder features and pricing, some list lines of resolution, others list the number of pixels (410,000 pixels). A good way to gauge this is to think that more is better when comparing video resolution between digital camcorders.


Image Stabilization

This feature keeps video images stable while shooting in an action situation such as a sporting event. Depending on the camcorder model you choose, you will find either an optical system or an electronic system. Optical Image Stabilization is best and will result in the highest quality digital video. With an optical system, there is no loss of image quality and is also effective in photo mode when shooting still pictures.

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