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Your special video moments are fading away...
Save them on DVD for as little as $7.95


Convert VHS to DVD

Our video conversion service makes it easy to transfer your VHS, Hi8, and other video formats to long-lasting DVDs.  Convert video to DVD directly or customize with our online video editor.

Popular Video Formats

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Film to DVD

Convert Film to DVD

Transfer film to DVD to ensure that future generations can watch your family history.  Our all digital Film conversion process lets you watch, edit and share your film before buying a DVD.

Film to DVD Features

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Online Video Editing

Online Video Editing

Organize, combine and enjoy your videos and photos with the free StashBox Video Editor. It's simple to use and makes editing fast and easy.


Video Editing Features

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Online Video Sharing

Online Video Sharing

Sharing your videos and photos with stashSpace is easy. You have complete control over who gets to see your video. Simply select the friends you'd like to share each movie with.

Video Sharing Features

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Online Video Storage

Online Video Storage

Backup and preserve all your videos online with our premium video storage accounts. Upload videos to your account, or send in video tapes or film for us to transfer.

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Have questions about how to use our service, or why you should be concerned about converting video to DVD?  Browse our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more.

Popular FAQs

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StashSpace.Com specializes in family home movies to dvd transfer and offers the easiest way to convert video to DVD.  Transfer video to DVD directly with our video conversion service. Convert VHS to DVD, Hi8 to DVD, VCR to DVD, miniDV to DVD, 8mm film to DVD... with direct video to DVD transfer or use the StashBox online video editor to watch, edit, share, make custom DVDs and backup video online.

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